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Breathing Is Receiving (Let the Good Things In)

When life gets stressful, we tighten up our mind, muscles and emotions in readiness for fight or flight.

This tightening up gives us a form of tunnel vision which is focused on the bad things that we are trying to fight off. It blocks our view of the good things which are available to us, so even if they are very near, they might as well not exist because we can’t see them or let them in.

So what can we do to let more of the good things in?

Breathing is the most natural and simple way.

Breathe consciously for a short while, whenever you think of it, when you are feeling bad and when you are feeling good as well.  It’s not about sucking in a huge lungful of air.  Instead, breathe slowly and deeply down into your belly, and imagine that breath filling your entire body right down to your toes, filling it.

Breathing is the most basic act of receiving on this planet.  When we can allow ourselves to breathe deeply and fully, we are allowing life, and we are allowing the awareness and flow of goodness in our lives.

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